Thursday, July 17, 2014

Meeka's House : A Classic Re-Imagined- Transforming a Shell



Meeka Van der Wal : Design Princial at Design Farm Group

"This is Meeka, the Design Principal at Design Farm Group. Earlier in the year Meeka purchased this charming cottage that needed a lot of work. She would like to update you through the process and into the final stages of the restoration. 

 So... here we go!

Meeka Van der Wa

Boots Standing Guard at Meeka's House

A CLASSIC RE-IMAGINED... Over the next couple of months Design Farm Group will take you on the amazing transformation of this Tudor/Arts & Crafts style home. 
The home has 3 bedroom 2 baths. It was was built in 1925 and is located in what was known as Tappan Heights NY.

Electric being installed on ground floor

sun room electric being installed 

As pictured above the electricity at Meeka's House is undergoing a service upgrade. The upgraded electricity will combat all of today modern appliances and gadgets.  Four women in a house with two of them being teenagers, makes bringing this house's electrical system to the 21st century a must. With the help of our team of skilled electricians who partner with Design Farm Group none of the ladies in Meeka's House will worry about blowing a fuse. 

Construction Team bringing in fresh Sheetrock!

Sustainable Eco Friendly Insulation Being Installed

A Peek through the kitchen to the Living Room Pre Dry Wall

Sheetrock up!

Dining Area with vintage window that will be restored

A View from the Kitchen

Sun room

Kitchen and Dining Area

From a shell of a house to the beginnings of a home, Meeka's House as been outfitted with a sustainable Eco-friendly blend of recycled batting. This form of insulation keeps in warmth in winter months and helps keep out the heat in the summer, which here in New York is crucial for living in comfort, all the while being Eco-Friendly and reducing our carbon footprint. Now with sheet rock in place this space is really starting to feel like a home!

Upstairs Bedroom primed

Master Bedroom Primed

The walls in Meeka's House are prepped and primed. This house is in the home stretch and is ready for the finishing touches!

 Click here for the full Inside view of Meeka's House

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